Padfield Community

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Breakfast Club

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Breakfast Club Menu

Rice Crispies / Corn Flakes

Porridge / Weetabix

Toast / Bagels / Crumpets

Low Fat Cream Cheese / fromage frais

Low Sugar Strawberry / Apricot Jam

Orange Juice / Apple Juice

Semi-Skimmed Milk


Fresh fruit


Opening Hours

8am until 9am

Breakfast served 8am to 8.30am



Only £3.25 per session

(or £3.00 if booked in advance)

A proportion of the cost may be claimed using Childcare Tax Credits



Be happy!


Booking and registration forms available in 'Letters and Documents' or ask at the school office.


A parent's view:


" My children love coming to breakfast club!" It is so reassuring for me to bring them and leave them in the cosy, warm, friendly environment. There are lots of exciting things to play with and a big range of healthy breakfast food. I feel it is good value for money too."

Nicolette Peel


"It's got nice food."


"I get to play with lots of things."


" I love playing games."


"I like breakfast club because it's got porridge."


"We have nice breakfasts."


" It's fun!"


" It's good because we play with different games and have different activities each day."



Breakfast Club Registration Form


Breakfast Club Booking Form