Padfield Community

Primary School


Clubs will restart on the week beginning 15th January and are as follows:

DAY         CLUB                   YEAR GROUPS           FINISH TIME


Monday        Sports Club                     Rec – Y6                          4.30pm                  (Peak Active Sport)

Tuesday       Cheerleading                   Yrs 5-6                           4.00pm                  (Mrs Windsor & Mrs Skuse)    


Wednesday Dance Club (£4)              Rec – Y6                          4.15pm                   (Sandra Ward)  


                    Film Club (free)               Yrs 1 – 6                          4.15pm                  (Mrs Windsor)  

                    (starts on 24th Jan)        



Thursday     Choir (free)                    Yrs 2 – 6                         4.00pm                    (Ms Moore)



Please complete consent forms for all clubs (available from the office) so that we can make attendance registers for the term. If you do not hear from us, your child will have been allocated a place at that club.